Fields in the game engine...

Hello! Is it possible to make use of “fields” in the game engine? If it isn’t, where can I find good resources for utilizing them in anyway?

define fields please

Um anything that is under the tab “fields” in the “physics” button (wind, vortex, magnetic…)

Um anything that is under the tab “fields” in the “physics” button (wind, vortex, magnetic…)

i remeber someone made a storm before 2 years maybe in this forum , i can search for the blend if you want .
you have to program those kinds of forces .

Hmm, you mean in addition to making the choices in the corresponding button? Or seperately just for the game engine (I suppose these options given in the physics button affect soft bodies only…)?

whoh , i have found it , that was before two years

@_@ …
the author didn’t right his name in the python script , but he opened it for us for free .

Haha, that’s cool :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

cool i need to learn how to write python i know the basic and i know blender for 5 year every body made 4 or 5 game in the life i think i am getting too old i am 30 it not easy when do this now when i was young it was easy :frowning: i wish to do i all over 5 year of blender going down the tube :frowning: hey blackcoatman don’t stop do this good luck every one p.s. 3d guru you never e-mail me i need your e-mail please i have lot to work on i wish i have a team o well love you :slight_smile:

there are a couple wind/tornado blends. Just use google to search this forum.

Here is one:

And in this thread too, in the first post: