Fifteen Puzzle X 0.11

Hi all,
I’m actually working on a small puzzle game for Android and I’m using Blender and YafaRay to render the resources used in the game.
The game is not completed but you can start to play if you like. :slight_smile:
If anyone want to give it a try and maybe give me feedback about the game and the resources, here it is:



I like the wood grain texture. From the perspective of an “artist”, I can see that there are only two textures for the numbered tiles.

Although this might be totally unnecessary and unrealistic on bigger puzzles. I would try making one giant wood texture for all the buttons Each button might have a separate materia with a different UV map for each position it can be in. Assume the app allows you to, I would place the appropriate material on each tile depending on where the tile is suppose to go. Again, if the app allows you to, place the numbers on top. This not only allows the number to be where they belong, but makes the wood grain appears that it belongs at the end position.

Hi macktruck6666,
thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:
You are right! I’m actually using 2 different materials for 2 different tiles and use them on every tile.
I have 2 issues to use a full texture.
The first one is the size of the application. I want to support multiple themes (wood, marble and plastic) and maybe do it with full texture make my app size big.
The second issue is that the puzzle when ordered should have alternate textures like in this image:

I’ll think about your suggestion.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I just published it on Google Play.
Anyone want to try it?

I updated to version 0.11!

Change log:
Fix fullscreen problem.
Added support for different puzzle type and size.