fifties movie look

hello out there
maybe I am the wrong place here to ask but I ll try it anyway…
What camera preset is recommended or advised to give a 50s look to an short Animation movie??
Hitchock style even better :wink:
thanks in advance

Here’s an article about simulating the Technicolor 3-strip process using DaVinci Resolve. You could probably do something similar in Blender’s compositor.

ETA: I just tried this in Blender using the same image in the article. I used the Separate RGBA node, three color balance nodes, and a Combine RGBA node, but the end result isn’t much different than the original. I’m not sure what the Blender equivalent is of the Parallel node that they used. Perhaps a couple of mix nodes to recombine them. If anyone has any advice, don’t be shy.

Steve S

I did it combining each channel into their opposites R->0GB, G->R0B, B->RG0, then adding the three resultant images. After the final H(1)S(2)V(1) adjustment, I find that the image has a bit more contrast than the same HSV adjustment over the original.

Okay, that part I understand…

…then adding the three resultant images.

…but did you use the Combine RGBA for this? Because the result I’m getting is just slightly different than the original. It might be easier to skip the RGB channels and just apply some saturation to the original image.

Steve S

The result of combining two channels and a zero is an image, so… RGB Mix (Add).
It could be done with just a saturation adjustment over the original, but the resultant image hasn’t the same contrast. It’s quite subtle, but a saturation over the original lowers the contrast, and muddles a bit the result.

Have you looked at the nice preset curves in the scene properties? Look under Color Management > Looks > (various film stocks e.g… agfa, kodak etc.)

Ok thanks
that will Keep me busy for a while :wink: