fight animation :: A BIG APOLOGIZE and a quick update

hey guys ,

sorry to say but i m putting this project on hold for some time due to my job… and sorry that i couldn’t complete it on time as i thought i could … but a big sorry for that and ya i ll complete it project as soon as i get some free time

and ya one more thing here is a quick update…
1st which you seen

2nd new one

and ya here my road breaking file …

@shane :: buddy keep this and make some gr8 moves with your ninja stuff … hope it helps

thanks guys

The animation looks like it’s coming out great. i thought the human was gonna break the ninja guys arm off with that Kimura lol

hehe ya i hope he will break ninja guy’s arm …when ill continue this project…

I saw your animation a long time ago on a different website and thought/think it had/has potential.

thnks buddy