Fight Animation Trailer - 'Anime Style' Series

Tried posting this in the ‘Focused Critiques’ forum, but didn’t get much of a response; maybe I’ll get better luck here.
For about 3 weeks, I worked on the animation of this trailer for a series I’ll be making over the next several months.

For the most part, the consensus of feedback in the comments section is that the animation needs to be ‘faster’. The thing is, they don’t really say anything more than that; like ‘how’ or ‘where’ to make that kind of change. If anyone has any ideas on how I could improve the animation, I’d be happy to hear them.

I can see what they’re saying. Purple girl doesn’t seem to have a lot of weight to her actions. For example, her parry at 0:32 and then the sword swings after look like she’s just swiping her hand and the sword is just kind of attached, giving a sort of floaty feel to her actions. Same with her jumps, and the flying/falling bit. Even if she’s weightless in freefall, she still has to swing around mass, so her hitting the robot or jumping off the ground should reflect that. Other than that, the actual fight is clear enough to understand what’s happening.

ibbolia does have a point. It does feel like they are in zero gravity.

Thanks for the feedback; I’m starting to see what I did wrong and am working on how I can fix it in.

First I’d work on lightning/materials. The heroine is okay but the robots kind of blend with background.
Now animation: faster is just one aspect of it. I’d say it needs more dynamics in general, including speeding up character movements, refining them to add more impact, adding dust/decals/particles/smoke, and adding good camera work. Just watch battle scenes from RWBY, it has amaizing dynamics being toon-shaded piece like yours. Then try to disassemble it in your mind to find out what exactly dynamics is made of. For example, simple camera shake can give huge boost to dynamics when used properly. Good luck!

yes its a little floaty in her actions. Perhaps make smaller animations and concentrate on the fine deatails.

Yes. The actions all need to be more swift and to the point. Your physics are a major issue with the realism of their actions. Try instead of slowly gliding the camera, try switching camera views. Timing is everything. Try to focus more on the mood of the characters. Emotions play a big part in understanding why they are performing a certain action. Your audience must connect with the emotions of the characters. For instance pausing on a character in a close up shot as they think about the danger of making the wrong move. Notice the beads of sweat. That’s is a major sign that the situation is intense. Just remember this. Emotion, timing and physics are everything. Physics make it look believable, Emotions make it feel believable, and timing makes it come together smoothly to make and enjoyable experience. -Blendernewbs-

Much thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep these factors in mind on my next venture into animating.

I really enjoyed it! Maybe if you could apply more the 12 animation rules it could be much better! there are a lot of parts that there is no impacti when if is needed, the character seems to be floating and missing some solid drawings. Keep reviewing and it would be great!

Thanks! I’m already making a great deal of improvement thanks to the feedback I’m getting here.

Just playing it on 1.5x speed makes it look a lot better for a fight to begin with.

I’m not very familiar with Anime so I don’t understand why she floats sometimes.