Fight Animation

Made this animation in roughly 2 weeks. Rendered in EEVEE. In the first render I tried to make some interesting lighting but it ended up looking terrible and the second render has more bland lighting.
Any and all critique is welcome !

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Takedown and mount - very very good

punching down from the mount excellent. But i would have the punches have a little body weight follow through.

the reverse by the red guy is good. the stomp kick was great, but needs to show more pelvis thrust with the kick. As well a bit more glide on the supporting leg. Where the knee flexes forward with the transfer of body weight.

The last foot sweep by the blue guy though is rushed. And it doesn’t hook the ankle and upend his opponent accurately. The guy is red just collapsed.

Overall I like it. And you seem to be right on the edge of creating excellent and “believable” fight animations

this is great !!!
, the motion looks amazingly natural, except when thy flipped it was a bit fast !!!

Thanks for the critique !

I agree that the foot sweep isn’t the greatest. Honestly I would’ve liked to change that part completely but I was trying to finish the animation quickly so there wasn’t a lot of time.

Thanks !
The timing in that part was very tricky and I have a tendency to make things too fast overall. Looking at it now I think that the whole fight is too fast but it’s hard to see that when you’re looking at the same thing for a long time.

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