Fight Covid

Hi Okinage, at the moment it only works correctly in Cycles. Thanks for your comment!:zap::raised_hands:

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You might try some bubbly (so to speak, a voronoi texture comes to mind) displacement map on the foam mesh (pothentially in conjunction with adaptive subdiv., I guess) to fight the clear-cut edges?
Just a thought anyway.

And I imagine geo nodes (if in their infancy still) would probably allow for nice results (think instancing icospheres of differing size). But I personally haven’t touched them so far, so this is basically a bit speculative.

greetings, Kologe

Honestly, yes, I have tested displacement and did not see a significant difference to offset the computational cost of it. In any case, the root problem is another, long to explain here and it is not solved either.
The node geometry is the first thing I thought of as an alternative. I am working on it!

Nice uses of contrast and color.

That slippery pink looks so great to me.

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Talk a lot about how to fight covid.

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Thank you man!