Fighter A-15A

This is a fighter I’ve been working on a for a few weeks now. It’s for the next Blender Projects film, The Chase. See for more info.

It’s main influences are the Su-37 though it didn’t come out as cool, and the plane from stealh and the viper from battlestar galatica.

I’ve yet to try uv mapping it as, that is something I’ve never done before, so I decided to make it shiny!

Any Comments would be greatly appreciated!

This is how the model first started off as a generic space fighter.
Then after watching stealth I was motivated to make it more like a fighter plane.
Here is another shot of the new model. ttp://


its looking pretty good :slight_smile:

not really any crits from me, except the nose part it seems rounded at the front yet once it goes on to the body part its sqaure