Fighter Jet Concept Update

My Fighter Jet Concept, Color Grade/Correction, Compositor Effects and Vignette. Blender+AE.
Let me know what you think, only second post here!!

Cool! How long have you been using Blender? I started using it at Christmas and have not even touched Compositing yet. Are you using the built in stars or is that some particle effect in the background?

Uh its been off and on for a year. Have you checked out Blenderguru? He has amazing tutorials!! And thanks, it was a particle system with objects that had an emission material.

Yeah, Andrew Price has some really great tutorials – he makes it all look too dang easy though.
CGCookie (Introduction to Blender) has some great introductory videos to.
I started watching Blender Journey – forgot to finish it off.
Also bought some e-books. Blender 3D Basics and Build your own Rocket Bike - That last one is short but actually concentrates on modelling – highly recommended.

Nice image! Maybe the vignette is a little too hard though?

For me it looks like a VTOL. I take it they engines rotate? I like the overall style and the two tone colour system but It just seems too blocky

I agree… I will post an update soon!

Thanks! The engines could rotate yes, and I agree in some areas it can be a bit blocky… Thanks for the pointers

Update: Added some more compositing, took out the BG (planning to add something later) and added some enemy fighters in the Red.