Fighter jet

This is a fighter jet i’ve been working on for a while now think its finally nearing completion jus looking for some input or improvements. its a fighter jet capable of in atmosphere and space combat. this is why it has ceramic tilling similar to space shuttles. it moves by using TVC and most weapons are housed inside

All thoughts welcome


The first screen looks wierd for some reason but the other two look amazing, great work. Maybe some stars and some jet exhaust and you’re done! Also a few lights like on todays aircrafts could give it some polish.

amazing textures and models. do you make the textures your self, i photoshop, gimp, proceduals

MCNano117 thanks :slight_smile: dont really know what happened with the first render. been working on the thrust now for a while still cant get it to look right theres a render of what i have been toying with so far. i’m adding the final details on now hope to put up some new renders soon

mikh3x4 thanks alot! it depends really if i cant find one that fits well enough then i will make my own. if i remember correctly all the textures in this apart from the emblem i made even then i had to modify so it could be alpha mapped. i don’t know where i would be without photoshop


It appears that for the tile texture you just us the edges and applied them as a texture…why?

it was the best way i could think off for achieving that look. is there a better way ?

Yes, you might want to try UV unwrapping and than using gimp or photoshop to draw tiles in places where you would normally have them. You are right that space craft have a lot of tiles, but they aren’t so uniform, there are size variations, shape variations and so forth. Good luck!

Hey everyone!

went back to the drawing board a bit with this one. Adding more details and redesigned the thrusters. currently working on the new wings and new textures to stop the stretching from the last ones.

Still have no plans on what type of landing gear I’m gonna use and what type of weapons its gonna have on board. Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile: