Fighter Plane (F-22 look-alike)

Hello. I’ve been lurking around here a while, finally decided to register. Here’s my current project. It’s a fighter plane similar to the F-22 Raptor. I’m pretty much finished with the basic structure of the plane, next will be adding landing gear, the cockpit, and then textures to replace that awful camo. My end goal is to be able to animate the landing gear, weapon bay doors, and thrust vector nozzles on the engines. Comments welcome.


In the camo render, there seems to be an extra face floating below the aircraft.

I like the design. Looks good so far.

Are you looking at the air intake? I don’t se an “extra face”.
I echo that this is a nice design.
It’s hard to see clearly on the wires, but if you have tris in your polys, you should try to correct them to quads, as much as possible (or as many as are going to be visible).
Keep up the good work!

I try to keep things as quads as much as possible, but there are times when tris just work better. The reason for this is that there is no such thing as a quad. I know this from my little bit of OpenGL experiance, and from this simple test I ran in blender.

  • Create two planes in Blender
  • Rotate one of them 90 degrees
  • On each plane, take the top left and bottom right verticies and lift them up
  • look at them from the side.

(See attachment below) Planes D and B are both quads. A and C are tris. The problem I run in to when using quads is that it will sometimes mess up when guessing which way to draw the tris, creating dents in the mesh that I don’t want.

Thank you. Now I only need to pass those final exams and I can work on it some more.


Update: Started adding details such as landing gear, HUD, and cockpit instruments. I’ll add the ejection seat and other stuff after my Flight Science exam.

It’s coming along nicely, the f22 is one of my favorite jets… I say you’re doing it justice. Especially looking good when you put the model into context with the sky/cloud background.

I like that you took some creative license and swept the wings forward, but… You’re doing such an accurate job of the f22, i’d almost like to see it in the traditional style. Also… to me one of the most distinctive looking parts of the f22 are the horizontal stabilizers and the two vertical stabilizers. Some more smoothness to the line where the cockpit meets the fuselage may be worth thinking about as well.

Definitely keep it up!

Update time!

Here be the blend file for those that are interested.
See here for the .blend’s license:

I know that the textures are bad. Still modeling. :slight_smile:

I have a question about the model. How did you make it so that the wing flows into the body smoothly like its all just one big piece?
I can not model something like that and would really love to know how its done.

Oh, 1 more thing, What did you model the fuselage with? Nurbs? or some other way?

Any info on here would be great.
:slight_smile: And, yes, I’m looking at the model too and trying to figure it out with that.

I modeled the entire fuselage as one piece. It was done using the standard vertex, edge, and face technique. I used subdivision, proportional editing (o key), extrusion, and the “Smooth” button every once in a while to get it into the smooth shape that I wanted it. It took a bit of time.