Fightergirl (no clothes yet)

This is my first attempt at making a whole human character. I have tested a bit with heads and faces before, but nothing serious. This girl appears in a picture by Michael Dashow, which he posted on cgtalk a few days ago. I hope he doesn’t mind me using his character this way.

If you want to see the wip until now, I have a thread at Sweblend:

A couple of facial expression tests:
(She doesn’t have any teeth yet, so a paper will have to do as a placeholder :^)

Finally a wire of the head:

Thank you for your approval so far. :^j There were a few proportion errors to correct though.

Time to fix the backside.

Nice Character!!

If you are going for realistic proportions, I think the head is still a bit too large.

She looks great. I am doing a character modeling myself. I think its a good looking model.

Thanks for the replies! :^)

You are right that the head still is too large here. I fixed it already. And yesterday I got a new computer so that I can continue adding verts to this project. Hopefully there will be an update next week or so.

Yep she looks great, nice work :slight_smile:

could u please provide the file? I want to try my hand at modeling the body urs would make great reference

she looks like my music teacher…scary!!..but i love your model =)

Sorry lipton, I don’t want to share her before I consider her finished. You’ll learn more by doing it yourself anyway, and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.