fighting bots

Just some experimenting, I can’t figure out how to get them to swing thier swords when I swing at them… Is there a way to link logic bricks and properties from one obj to another? in this case from the bot to the sword?

you can send/recieve messages with logic bricks… I think one will even copy a property from another object.

YOu can also select both the sword and bot, and string wires between them.

I’m working on a few AI types using logic bricks based on Mmph!'s AI system, and I am going to be working on learning Python as well. Hope it helps,


can I get a link to a tut? or is it simple enough to just post here?

ok here’s the formula for you bot.

Near Player ---------------------AND------------------- Play Action Attack

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omg i’m retarded :eek: thnx killer

Lol, you’re funny.

To draw the wires: Select all the object you want to combine, then draw the lines between the logic blocks…

But I didnt think you could do that, lol…

The message actuator… Just put something in it, kill in subject. Thats all. Then for the objects that need to know this, add a message sensor, for kill.

Add the and, and the actuator for killem or whatever you want to do.

I think I used messages in GET EM to start the mice after they were added. I think.

Not enough info? Look at these:

But dont use the to in the message actuator, it doesnt work…

I know you found your answer, but thought I would answer your other question there. OK?

Its all these simple little things i don’t know that makes me feel REALLY stupid. :spin:. thnx again for saving my day!

Heck you know what? In a month you will forget some of them and then feel really silly when you post a repeat question and an mod answers you with a link to your old thread.

I think thats happened to me so many times I cant count em. LOLOLOLOL.

lol… I am really making some progress on the AI…

Great, when you are dont will you teach me?

i could show u wut i got so far :smiley:
The bots go crazy, i fallowed Mmph’s Tut:
but I can’t figure out why, if you do check it, just ignore the gaurd guys…
btw, i just slapped on some textures, those are not for anything, just for looking at for now.


Ermm… The near sensor is broken, it will make your game really lag if you use it on a dynamic object… The console will sit there and poop out 1000’s of errors about it not being a static mesh or whatever…

I will look at your file when I get a bit of time later today…

ok than instead of the near sensor use the Radar sensor instead.

how can i make the Radar sensor act like the near sensor?

I’ve never used the Radar sensor, I’d like to know too…

Heck, which ones are the bots? that file I downloaded just shows building, a square and the plane, no bots at all…

Id guess they are there, but which ones?

There may be a script on blendenzo’s site?

press 2 and they appear, they are on the second layer…

Just uploaded more bot goodness here:

might give you some new ideas for your bots :slight_smile: