Fighting Game Demo

I had this idea for a game, and put this demo together. It has a somewhat different interaction. Would anybody be interested in working together to develop this idea?

Below are the notes from the Youtube demo. Might help clarify the general concept. Thanks for looking!


This demo concept of a mobile device game represents a low cost app, released in time with the holiday season. It’s a hand-to-hand fighting game in the style of Kung Fu Theater, and incorporates a unique “fight-strategy,” approach to game play.


It’s two weeks before Christmas, and the Bitter Brats Gang has stormed Santa’s Workshop, stealing presents and kidnapping his Elves. Unless Santa can re-capture the presents and free his Elves, Christmas will be lost.

Now Santa, alone and unarmed, must infiltrate the Bitter Brats Gang’s North Pole hideout. But there’s a reason Santa wears a BLACK BELT! To save Christmas, Santa must give the Bitter Brats Gang some SEASON’S BEATINGS!!


This idea attempts to simulate the fast paced action of classic Kung Fu Theater films, especially the intricate combinations of strikes, dodges and blocks, sometimes called “chain-striking,” in martial arts terminology. It is also meant to allow for easy play on mobile devices.

Players will have the opportunity to program a series of movements, and then watch them play out against their opponents, whether internet based players, or game based Bitter Brats Gang members. By “chaining,” strikes (or Combos) together efficiently, based on actual body movement mechanics, players will gain the upper hand.

The strategy is therefore laid out in advance. A pause or interrupt feature would allow for mid fight readjustments of strategy. Players could chain long combos, but, as in real life, this would tire a character out, slowing the subsequent movements. Some game-based control mechanisms might need to be employed to maintain reasonable engagement between characters.

In the above onscreen demo, Santa is shown fighting with a brawler’s style, one of many styles that could be potentially loaded for a specific character (should this fighting system be implemented for additional characters.)

There are, of course, endless features that could be incorporated for game play based on Christmas traditions, including throwing snowballs, or chunks of coal (for extra damage), snaring opponents with wreaths, and so on.