Hi, I am trying to make my own fighting game… I would like it to be 3D kind of like “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance” of course I won’t be able to get to that realistic animation nor good graphics, but I am really interested in being able to get that kind of gameplay (3d movement, finishing moves, etc). Anyway, someone was kind enough and told me to look for Phil Calaber’s posts but I couldn`t find any…another person told me to download his tutorial of beginning a fighting game. Is there any other place I can get the info I want. I want a step by step tutorial on how to make a fighting game, or at least something like that…cause I see tutorials on how to model or skin or even amination but, I do not know how to pull everything together…I saw the game “Alley Fighter”…even though it is REALLY basic I guess it is possible to make your own fighting game in Blender. My problem is that I don’t know how to get to that. I would like to know if it is possible to make a GOOD fighing game (character selection screen, different modes like survuval or tournament, different moves, story, endings, finishing moves, etc). I also wonder if I would need of some other software, if I do could you please tell me where to download them. Well I would appreciate some help…

Thanks for your time…


Learn to walk before you try sprint.

It would certainly be possible to make a good fighting game, but it would require an immense amount of work. There is no tutorial or set method to making a game, because there are usually many ways to accomplish different tasks.

You should start by downloading some other games, pulling them apart, and from this process hopefully acquire new knowledge. This is how I learned most of what I know. Complex games will inevitably require you to learn python scripting as well. Taken a look at how Alley Fighter works? It may seem really basic in terms of gameplay but it takes a lot of complex coding to make a game like that.

It’s far easier if you learn specific bits of information and methods first, rather than diving straight in and trying to make a “good” game. You need good foundations to build a solid structure :wink:

Also it is very hard to give an answer to a question as generic as this, so it’s better if you come here with specific questions.