fighting game polycount???

Gotta little kuestion… here it goes:

Is it possible to have a fighting game with (obviosly) two characters of 1000-2000 faces and 7 bones each, and have a decent frame rate? :-?

Bekuz I’m planning on doing one game… but… I want to know if it’s possible before getting excited and working on the game (already got one model, that’s from where I got those numbers)

And… how’s that other fighting game doing? Any news about it???

I guess that will be no problem to have a reasonable FPS with
those values, but you must keep the background scene very
low poly.
Good luck

Yeah, keep the background lowpoly and this should be acceptible - if your target is mid to high end graphics cards.

It’s probably a little much for something like my laptop, just on the edge there probably. Keep the textures small and you should be just fine:)