Fighting Robot

Hey guys, I’ve started a new project and I felt like sharing my progress with you.

My plan is to first make a high poly model, and rig the whole thing, then try to recreate it as a game character, with the best compromise between polycount and detail. The high poly model will be used in an animation.

The animation will essentially be a case of ‘technology porn’. I want you to believe that you’re looking at the biggest feat of technology ever.

So at this point I have a hull and something representing a cockpit. I’ve decided to start with the shoulder and see where I end up from there. I’d be delighted with any kind of feedback.

wow… now that what you call detail lol :slight_smile:

Holy damn that’s awesome. LOTS OF DETAIL! I like.

I wasn’t feeling the execution of the shoulder joint. It works the same way, but I’ve distilled the functionality into a more sleek design. This is obviously to keep as much of the technology inside the protective hull.

I’m also trying some lighting setups and tweaking my materials. The animation will consist of many small shots that will each require a different lighting setup, but for the moment I’m focusing on overal presentation.

Great design Yoeri, looking forward to seeing where you take this project

So I finished the arms all the way down to the hands. And god, are hands a bitch to model. But since these are mechanical (Don’t ask me how they work, still patent pending), I didn’t have to worry about underlying bone structures and muscles.

I also did a quick test to see how the shoulder joint behaves, and to be honest, I think it looks pretty darn awesome. Once I’ve got an IK chain in place, I expect to see a freedom of movement similar to a human’s arm.

Very cool work! Nice model, too.

Very nice,i feel like making a fighting robot of my own,Exo suit style.

So i’ve sort of started over, again. This might seem innefficient, but I guess iterative modelling works for me.

The new mesh is a lot cleaner, though I needed more vertices to properly define it. I can reuse some parts of the limbs, but I’m probably gonna remodel most of that too. Tell me which mesh you like best.


So far, the new mesh is working out great. As you can see in this comparison, the proportions are a lot better. The only parts I kept are the hands, because I suck at hands, and I doubt I can model a better hand than what I currently have.

At the bottom we have a refittable weapon slot. It will be able to hold all kinds of weapons, like a sword, a gun, a cannon, and perhaps even a portal gun. There’s no limit to what technology can do nowadays.

And lastly, I want to show you the mesh of the lower arm. Quite pleased with this.

Wow! I love it. But it looks kinda flimsy to be a fighting bot. Perhaps adding some extra armor plating?

That has crossed my mind, but the fights will be very dynamic and high pace. The robot has to look strong and light at the same time.

Now, I’ve just finished the body. Proportions look okay, probably needs a good pose in order to look more ‘natural’. But of course I have to finish the modelling first. All we need now is the cockpit and a pilot.

One thing I particularly like is the hip joint. It has to be able to move like a real hip, while at the same time look technically feasible and consistent with the design. This construction allows the hip to turn, without twisting the cables that direct it. Pretty neat in my opinion.

this is looking great :slight_smile: although antirales that it needs some sort of armour (just around the joints) as that look like its week spot at the moment, but other than that i love it, obviously alot of thought has gone in to the design of this bot :slight_smile:

So I finally found an excuse to bump this thread. I wasn’t feeling the proportions of the robot, so I started again from the drawingboard. Now, looking back at my workflow, I doubt this will be the final iteration of the design, but at least I now have something to rig.

Since I’ve found myself agreeing with the feedback, I’ve also given all the joints a complete overhaul. The rigging test was looking very nice, so I decided to apply this joint technology basically anywhere it would fit. Currently at 15k verts. No idea if that’s high or low for this kind of model.

Also, I would love some texturing suggestions. I want to keep the clean look, so I don’t want to clutter it with decals and rims and stuff, but untextured materials obviously wont do.

Thats good, i find it so hard to keep low poly, most of my robots have around 100k verts, so well done :slight_smile: i like the new design, but it doesnt show as much artistic talent as the last one, sorry :S
I always find gloss white and chrome go well together and keep a nice clean look, although since its a battling robot i would say some colour aswell, maybe red,blue or yellow twin stripes down the middle

I liked the previous model alot more than this one. While it was looking a bit weak, it had the feel that it was a high-speed/high-mobility robot design. It had a personality of a fighter. This new model resembles a deep sea diving suit. The helmet to be more specific.

I know, I know! :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with you. I hope I’ll be able to mix the design of the previous mesh with the current one’s proportions. I want to get this thing rigged first though, and do some test animations.

Finally got a decent arm rig in place. It’s not as easy to handle as some of the excellent rigs I’ve seen others make, but it’s not too difficult to work with. Might revise it after some more practice. Btw, what’s an easy way to copy it to the other side?


Wow very nice you have guyes inspired mi to do the robot.

nice rig, i like the claw movement too :slight_smile: