fighting the artists block

I just couldn’t create anything today, my mind was absolutely blank.


So I started up Photoshop decided on facing my artists block and stare it down.
It rose to my challenge and stared back at me from the screen, now I don’t know what to do with it.

I know there have been threads before on how people get into their creative moods, but none recently. So please share :smiley:

  1. pofo

just do a brainstorming. take a piece of paper. and write everything down. Read through it and write down again.

Do not restrict yourself !! There are no wrong words. The weirder the better. The stronger the better.

when you have finished, try to structure the output.

If you do a brainstorming with some people, then everyone says one word then the next one round by round. if you know three words, then write two of them down and wait til next round. There must not be any domination. And no comments, how good or bad a word is.

And one last thing.

The screen is the enemy of ideas. The screen is no device to help you concentrate. The PC is only a tool to visualize ideas. So light a candle, make some good tea, turn on quiet music, grab some pieces of paper and a pencil and do a brainstorming.

good speed


haunt house, that could be effective, but what if youve lost total inspiration for 3d? is there any cure??? please oh please tell me if there is! im diseased :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Imgranpaboy. I can only tell you how I use to do to get some inspiration. I don´t.
It just attacks me while I see things floting by rapidly.

Too rapid for my brain to see what it is. So then my brain just makes something up. Yesterday, it told me that a piece of apple on the pavement was a horrible meat-eating worm from outer space. It´s weird…

OR it (the inspiration) hits me in the head while I´m going to sleep. That´s why I always got a piece of paper and a pencil by the bed…

That´s it folks!

One additional thing. Sometimes you can create a full feature film out of a single common word (better if it is not too specific). It is easier to start the brainstorming with a topic.

Try ‘spoon’ for example, take a piece of paper and write down everything you can connect with spoon. Close your eyes and think of an environment for this spoon. Who used it, etc. The interesting thing is, that the spoon can completely vanish regarding his importance. When you finish the storming, the spoon may just be a small requisite of a big scene.


This is very familiar. I wanted some inspiration, so I grabbed my pencil, modelled it, and started to make a scene with it. This is the result
With a little luck you’ll see the pencil :smiley:

Get away from it all. Personally, my artists’ blocks are caused by too much art. I go out for a long walk in the bush, and I usually come back full refreshed and re-inspired. You would be surprised what a long walk can do.

Hmmm… spoon… “Spoon”… “SPOON”… “SPOON!”

Aha! You’re suggesting that I model The Tick!

Wait… I just remembered that I wanted a while back to re-model Curious George and Freakazoid (I’ve got weird taste in cartoons)! Thanks for the reminder!

As to Imgranpaboy: Just browse the net. Go to a website that you KNOW (not think–KNOW) has lots of pages. Here’s a good example: It’s a movie site with lots of films, from “Waking Life” to “Double Indemnity” to “Memento.” It’s not made by some guys who love certain movies. They love movies in general, so basically any film you can think of is there, from “The General” to “Titan AE” to “Singin’ In The Rain.” They do have indie films (i.e. “Clerks,” “Slacker”). They’ve even got TV shows, from “Friends” (ugh) to “ER” (great show to watch while eating pizza) to “Twilight Zone” (had to mention it), and lots of video games.

What does that have to do with anything said on this topic? Click on their daily poll. On the left, there’s a random title thing. Click it. Read the plot summary of the film. If there isn’t a plot summary, or it’s a video game without any plot summaries, just click for another random title. Think about the plot summary. Twist it around a lot. Think about what would happen if something happened to change the course of events. Think about it. If you’ve got something in mind, don’t waste anymore time–get the idea down!

I always take a poem and make a film out of it… for example The Raven That is my project now Ive been working on it for about half a year now and dont have the problem of a block because Im busy.

Good luck