Fighting the monsters under the bed

Would you be so kind as to comment on this render and throw any ideas and criticism in my face?
Is the idea behind the image clear? Is something looking weird?

Thank you


The image looks good, very little visible noise! It’s probably just my personal preference, but the Teddy Bear’s hair looks a little too clumped. I wouldn’t know that the image is about fighting the universal, monster under the bed, without looking at the title too. Maybe make the theme a little more obvious??? VERY good image though!

CGMraio, thank you, I was afraid the idea is not very clear without the title but I needed to hear it out loud, so thank you for that. I have yet to think aboud how to make it more obvious. By clumped hair I assume you mean too many hair coming out of a single spot? (English is not my first language) It can well be your preference, but may as well be very much true as the setup is very much default children setup with some minor tweaks… I kind of liked it as it is, but will try something else anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks again

well it,s perfectly awesome ,and i think the idea is as clear as the sun i remember when i was a kid on my bed i use,d to cover my self with my blanket it somehow made me think i am safe for a bit :slight_smile:

Thank you. I remember that too. Still works sometimes :smiley: