Fighting with animated particles

Hi. I am doing an animation of a drone carrying some icospheres in a tube.

I need the container to be filled before the animations starts. I am using an emitter and then a force that helps the icospheres to levitate and move constantly.
The container and a copy of it in a smaller scale has a collision modifier applied. There are also two more meshes acting as collider to avoid the icospheres escape from the tube.

First issue: There are some icospheres in the frame 0 that are already located outside the container.
Second issue: The icospheres are trespassing all my colliders at some point.
Third issue: The speed is insane. They move frenetically. I assume it has to do with the force applied by my magnetic field. If I dim down the force…then the icosphere get pulled down by the gravity. I am wondering if its possible to slow down the icosphere movement.

I did try the molecular add-on . It worked quite well in other projects. Not in this one. The baking keeps calculating for “hours”. It is a really simple animation and my laptop is quite powerful. Maybe it has to do with ecycles, I also tried with regular blender and its exactly the same…I manage to let it wait more than 30 minutes…and then I turn it off…It seems it will never end.

I can share the scene.

Thank you