figure from long ago

This is a close up of the figure I posted in the thread “night time long ago” in the finished progects forum. I got inspired to sculpt a high resolution model for normals on my low polly model. I am pleased with the results so far. I still need to make a spec. map, and maybe learn some more about meterials nodes so I can make this even better. I’d love to hear some feed back on what I’ve got so far. For now I am going to work on the sculpting details of the rest of his body.


here’s the progress I am making on my guy’s torso. I have been searching the web for good images of old weathered bodies to help me in my modeling, but am striking out. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Here is a new view of my figure with a little bit more work done. I guess I am excited about this because I finially feel like I am figuring out the sculpting tools. Then turning these details into a normal map for a low polly mesh is way cool. I know I still have a long way to go with this, still, I’d love to hear some comments and suggestions.


Looking good! I can’t believe that no-one’s commented!

Excellent job on the face! the racial characteristics are coming through strongly!

you wanted comments and suggestions, so here are mine!
the pose could get some more “tension” into it to push the dynamism more…

(the right arm pulled back further, the left posed more… consider the left hand and fingers too… hands are really great tools for conveying a feeling or enhancing an expression…

the hairline looks a little un-natural, like it’s been shaved into a perfect half circle…

i know that some tribes do that so that opponents cannot grab the fringe in a fight, but in that case you may want to shave a bit further back?

else, move the hairline forward more in the center (look at the pattern on a tennis ball)

the skin tones on the body are very flat and uniform… on the face you have more interesting colour variation and better mix of specular light… you need some variation in the body skin colour… add some reds and richer browns, make the areas where the bone sits close to the surface differ from areas that are over muscle and different to areas over fat…

IMO the arms are the weakpoint in the modelling… everywhere else has good suggestion of skin, bone and fat with strong anatomy… the arms not so much… (left arm, bicep is too far forward and too high (it should look like it emerges from under the shoulder muscle), the shoulder muscle actually should finish half way down the upper arm on the outside.

he has no apparent tricep mass at all and the elbow joint looks pinched in all around

look at your own arm! if you have a digital camera then get someone to take pictures of you in that pose!

finally consider your light colours and intensities… this looks like a 3 point light setup… you can get more warmth into your key light, more coolness into the filland the kicker/rim light can be really cranked in intensity…

your model is shading to a dirty grey… this is where the fill light can fix things, or the texture colour variations… I’ve had good milage with the shadow colour option… Keep it dark, but realise that you can crank the saturation right up in the shadow colour to get a rich response…

painters have been doing this for years rather than using black to darken paint colours!

anyway, nice job so far! keep it coming!

Thanks Michael. All of those are great suggestions, and I will work on all of them. It may take some time because I have this damn job that always seems to get in the way of what I really want to do. Will post again after I feel like I have made some good progress.

Dude, looking great! Your modeling is awesome. The only thing I could say in addition to Michael W’s post is I think his body could use the same sort of aging you gave his face. Wrinkles, scars, etc. The shaping and sculpting looks great, it just seems to be missing those finer details.

I love it so far, and what’s up from Colorado!

Thanks ampace, it’s good to hear from somebody so close. I am struggleing finding a good reference to model those wrinkles and such. I have too much fat on my bones or I’d use my own worn out old body. Any suggestions?

I have been having so much fun with my new sculpting skills, that I decided to work on my figures hands. Here is the high poly sculpted mesh. Next I will make a low poly mesh using the retopo tool. I may go back and ad more detail after I see how well the baked normals look. Not sure how I will add it to my model with new baked normals. I am concerned about how well it will blend with the normals on the rest of the model. I almost feel like starting something new may be easier than trying to improve this one. We’ll see what happens. I can always use this hand on a new model. As always comments and suggestions are most welcome.


I just downloaded blender 2.5. It appears that this methed I am using to first sculpt, then retopo a new lowpoly mesh, and then bake the normals of the sculpted mesh onto the lowpoly mesh is no longer nessesary. Is anyone familiar enough with 2.5 to know? It appear that in the new version the multiers don’t take as much memory, so you can texture and animate. the original sculpted mesh. Does this sound right? Anyone?

yes …and no!

It renders, but not very efficiently… and is memory intensive to render multires.
I still prefer to retopo and bake.

How do I retopo in 2.5?

turn on snapping in the 3d view header, then turn the snapmode to face… a pulldown and another couple of icons appear… one of the new icons has the tooltip “Project vertices onto the surfaces of other objects” now you can extrude vertices and have them snap to the underlying surface etc…

There’s no “draw the line—>convert to geometry” retopo yet (an early version using “greasepencil” strokes got removed becasue ofsome bugginess or other…)


So here is my retopoed mesh. I find 2.5 retopo tool works better than 2.49. But, everytime I try to bake normals in 2.5 Blender error and closes. Also opening a file in 2.5 that has multires made in 2.49 works fine, but if that file is saved in 2.5 and then opened in 2.49 the mutires are gone. Just an observation in case someone’s interested.

I am now busy trying to make my textures look good.


I worked on textures this afternoon. I know, I still have a little work to do on the inside of the thumb. I’m done for today, so I thought I’d share. Any thoughts?


I think I am calling this done. I’m not completely satisfied, but I have learned a bunch and it is to complicated to try and attach my new hand and get the texture to look right and fix the rigging and so on and on. I think it’s best for me to take what I’ve learned and move on to something new. Just cause I’m leaving this one doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear your comments and suggestions. So let em fly.


have more dramatic lighting. exaggeration of the pose might add to it. i would suggest studying lighting next.