Figure Paintings (Nudity)

Here are some of the paintings from my figure painting class last semester. There are a couple more (some of the best ones, incidentally) which did not photograph well (there was a lot of glare) so I’ll post those as soon as I can get some better pictures. Enjoy!


Nice work. I really want to take a figure drawing/painting class at some point.

I like your use of texture and the tone of the images. You also used perspective.

I miss figure painting class, you guys use oils? The middle one and lower left are strong pieces, the lower right feels like Uglow’s palette.

@ ben Take a lot of figure classes, and I recommend doing drawing classes before painting ones so that you can spend less time focusing on drawing errors when painting- also if possible take figure drawing AND painting at the same time, the more the better.

ben: The more the better! I highly recommend them.

kbot: Thanks!

(jay): Yep, all are oils on gessoed paper.

Very nice work! I especially like this one because of the pose and way you’ve handled color throughout the shadows.

How long did they give you to work on these? I’m assuming it was about 1 per session? (that would be incredibly fast compared to the time we’re given in my painting class)

I never thought of putting gesso on paper… You must be used to painting on a fairly slick surface by now, unless there’s some trick to applying the gesso.

I think most of the ones here were two-session paintings, so approximately five hours or so each, minus model breaks.

I apply gesso with a fairly crude brush, so it does get a “ridgy” texture, but it’s still slicker than canvas. I don’t know how long this paper will last in the long run, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying loads of canvases.

Very nice work. I like the way you’ve handled light and shade.

I think you have a good teacher cause i don`t see some “rule” fixations imposed on your painted figures.

That`s really good.