the top thing reminds me of silver surfer

This looks like it’s coming along well, He looks like the T-1000 to me lol. I’m not a sculptor yet but I think the proportions are a bit off where the elbow is concerned. If you rotate one of your arms downward the elbow should meetup be approximately exactly where the bellybutton is.

It’s just an observation, but i feel like the rib area is too narrow compared to the height and physique of the figure. You can easily use proportional editing to fix that; that is, if you want to. It is just my opinion. Overall, the model looks great (: I’m getting a silver surfer vibe.

glad it resembles something :slight_smile: Terminator was one of those great movies Nat King Cobra. It’s not proportioned in places.

you are correct Thetax. The whole figure is elongated. It was a sculpture for re-mesh

so this is where the thread will end. thanks for watching!

Where are the in-betweener-posts then? :wink: