Figured out how to use povray and blender.

Ive finally figured out how to make a good atmosphere in povray, all you have to do is put your model in a room of some sort. Anyway this is a dodge viper, ever since I started blender it was my goal to make a really good one and I think this isnt bad. (without photoshop twiddling)

Http:// (with twiddling)

Ive statred work on adding more detail to the scenelike a door spanners on the floor etc and I need to figure out how to use that material design interface thingy so I can use bump maps and make my floor and walls better.

nice image. bump maps sure will enhance the scene. lookin forward to it.

always wondered about the integration of blender and povray.


Blenderage wrote:

Ive finally figured out how to make a good atmosphere in povray, all you have to do is put your model in a room of some sort.

Please, could you explain better what do you mean by this?


Just a little suggestion, COULD YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE TIRES?! :smiley: I really don’t like the way they look. Maybe you could mesh-model them? I don’t know what it is about them but… they hurt my eyes 8) . The rest of the picture is great though. Glad to see that there are people who like using POVray with Blender (there are probably more I just haven’t met them…).


first off the model needs to be cleaned up a little like the arc around the back tire and crease between the front quarter pannel and the door… although a better camera angle could fix this. and yes there is something funny about the tires maybe make them a tad shinier so they have some sort of light on them.

yeah i dont like the tires either, I tried putting some treads with a texture but without bump maps they look tacky, I know there’s a tutorial on J m solers website but I get errors every time I try to export it. Does anyone know what you have to do make it work? I turn the reflection off on hte tires becuase I dont know how to use the material design interface so iff i put reflection on hte tires the become super shiny. The creases are becuase of triangles and subsurfs dont like them there is a hotkey to turn triangles to quads but I can find it in the guide. (i know quads to triangles is Ctrl-T).

What I meant by the putting it in a room was the this means your spotlight or whatever bounces of the walls to give a more realistic lighting atmosphere.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

been fiddling myself - how do you get it so that everything with a material assigned doesn’t have reflections? i can either make everything or nothing but nothing in between :frowning: and does it support smesh at all?

Yeah you can use S-meshes, if you want a material not to have a reflection you have to change the Mir R value.

any words of wisdom when using a bump map? - i applied it in blender and exported it (for a grip on a metal flashlight) and it rendered the uv mapped texture instead of being just a bump map.