figureing out how an object speed glitch happens.

so heres the story, i have played both Sonic adventure games for Dreamcast and Gamecube, now when i played the Dreamcast version i noticed the floors and walls were moving kind of odd because it was going too fast, however in the Gamecube version it was fixed. now this is the same case with bender, if an object is moving or spinning to fast in the blender game engine, the object or texture moves oddly, why is this happening? I’m just wondering cause I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.

Probably because they weren’t using a large enough physics timestep. With the Bullet physics engine, increasing the physics timestep will result in more accurate collision detection, as Bullet uses more internal frames to calculate the physics in.

so can this kind of thing be edited in blender? (2.57 I’d preffer)

Yeah, there’s a physics timestep setting in the world tab in 2.57.

what’s it called exactly, i’m on the world tab, where’s it’s location?

Heres a picture of where its located. Its not called “timesteps” its called substeps, which is the same thing. The higher u increase that number the more times blender physics will check if an object is colliding with another object.Hope that clarifies things :slight_smile:

Fps is correct - substeps, not timesteps. My mistake - note that obviously, when the BGE has to check more often for physics, then that will take more of a tax on your CPU to compute the physics.

Yes, thats one thing i forgot to mention, the more steps, the more the cpu is needed. Thanks solarlune :slight_smile:

…hm i cant seem to find it or the tab. do i have to activate some other tab as well?

Make sure you’re using Blender Game mode rather than Blender Render mode, in the tab at the top of the Blender window.

i was wondering what that tab was for. thank you both :-).now i know this is slightly off the thread topic, but i noticed that in the game engine you cant cast shadows from other objects as far as i know, but i noticed that newer council games have found a way to pull it off. is there a way to cast shadows in the game engine on blender?