Figuring out image paths and missing image locations

So in most 3d software when you have an image/texture the input or node or whatever will show the path where the file is located. How do you obtain this info in Blender?

Bit of a Hail Mary but… I have this script in 3ds max that finds all lost images and if you specify a location for it to look, it’ll remap all the missing images it can find that are in that location. Any chance of anything, add-on or otherwise, inside Blender 2.8/2.81?

Scenario in question is that I downloaded the free Kitbash3D scene in Blender format, but it’s just a whole bunch of pink.

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Blender can do that (for years now) and does a pretty good job too!

In your Kitbash3D scene, go to File > External Data > Find Missing Files, point Blender to the KB3D Textures and let Blender go to work! :hammer_and_pick:

Caveat: in this case there are a truckload of textures to find and load so be patient. Depending on your machine Blender may even crash…it happened to me :frowning_face: but I’ve got an older computer.

In less intensive situations, Find Missing Files works great just pointing Blender to the general directory where your images may be. Now, if you’re pointing Blender at / (root) go get a coffee because it has to search your entire hard drive!

After you’ve found and loaded the missing image textures, a great tip by that madman Gleb Alexandrov is to Pack All Images into the .blend file and then Unpack All Into Files into a directory where your .blend file sits. That way you don’t have to search for them ever again!

ah that’s great advice, and it worked! thanks :stuck_out_tongue: