Figuring out what texture resolution to use for a face?

Say I have a large flat plane that is 5x5 (Blender units). What resolution should my texture be to encompass the entire surface of said plane without having texture being squished or stretched?

How do I figure this out? I want to portray textured faces 1:1 pixel for pixel without ever being deformed whatsoever

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For Proc textures irrelevant !

For UV mapping depends how close the shot has to be !
if on screen you cover let says 200 pixels X 200 pixels which is like 2 inch X 2 inch of screen
you need a UV map which min 2 X as large or 400 pixels X 400 pixels
and has to be square if use With BGE !

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I’m making a 2D game using Blender Game Engine. It consists of 3D objects with a Orthographic camera that looks straight on the scene and looks entirely 2D of how the camera looks at the scene in that mode.

Right now, most of my objects have no textures on them and the few that do are just placeholders. I’m just scared that if I start drawing textures of any random resolutions and slap them on that I’m going to have an inconsistent look where some are stretched and others are squashed.

How can I measure pixels? Should I bust out a ruler and measure the objects on my actual physical screen?

screen usually on win at least are 90 or 100 pixels / inch

so depending how close camera is and size of render for objects in field of camera
will determine what min size UV you need

agreed not easy to calculate !

and might have to experiment a little here

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For aspect ratio to avoid stretching, just keep your planes the same aspect ratio as your textures. Then just make sure your UVs are scaled to fill the entire UV space (the entire gray grid in the UV/image editor) and everything should line up.

You could also use the “import images as planes” addon to do a lot of the work for you. (it’s bundled with Blender, check your addon prefs)