??? File Browser > Custom Size for Previews



Can you direct me or post a screen how does this feature should looks like in UI?
How can I change size of previews in file browser?

Under OS X I don’t see it.
Thank you.

Seems the slider for this was boiled down to a drop-down menu:

OK, thank you for screen :slight_smile:
Maybe it was a reason to use drop-down menu.

In a previous build (I used) were suppose to be a resize slider was nothing to change size thumbnail.
Now I see drop-down menu in RC. I was too concentrated to find slider or shortcut to resize like “Ctrl+Alt” that resize panels, that I ignored this menu :slight_smile: Thank you for your time.

Thanks for notifying, the wiki was a bit out to date (should be fine now).


Here is the sneake peek 22