File Browser (It's about time I asked...)

In the file browser, is there any way to select the first and last file in a series and select the whole series, as is done with the shift key in windows directories? This would be very useful when adding images in the sequence editor.

I’ve worked around this the whole time by always rendering sequences to separate directories which is a better way to do things anyway, but sometimes it would be very handy, and I’d like to know once and for all whether this is possible somehow or whether it’s an omission.

Well you should know by now this ain’t no standard windows app :smiley:

While “shift first-last” method doesn’t work, you can instead press ‘a’ to select-deselect all files, and can then hold down RMB to “paint” groups of files for selection / de-selection.

I also just render to seperate directories as well, or you can just use a different file name prefix in the same directory to keep things seperated.


Ah, the RMB paint thing I hadn’t known about. Thanks.