File created in 2.61 fails badly in 2.62 with AV synch

Playback of a very basic object-animation sequence that I began building in 2.61 does not play in 2.62, using either the Timeline controls or ALT+A, when AV-sync is enabled. The Timeline marker does not move and no animation takes place, though the FPS readout indicates it’s running at 24fps on average. I can scrub the Timeline and the animation works fine.

With either Frame Dropping or No Synch enabled, the Timeline marker advances and the animation plays properly with ALT+A or the controls, but I also have 2 audio strips in the VSE that I’m using to block out synched animations. In 2.61 they play back fine; in 2.62 there is no audio playback at all, even when AV-synch is not used.

Did something break in 2.62?

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Can’t find the post, but I know I read someplace on BA that there were audio problems with 2.62. I remember specifically reading that audio was only outputing to the left channel. Dunno if it’s related to your problems or not.

Sorry I can’t be better help,

Thanks for the links, LarryPhililps. I’m also getting some odd apparently codec-related audio fails with 2.61 – my files won’t mux now with the settings used successfully for a previous version, only difference is some changed image textures, go figure. Switching from AAC to mp3 fixes it, but why the problem I wonder? I won’t be using Blender to do any final muxing but it’s convenient for intermediate reviews of the animation and synch.