File Exporters

I’m trying to get the .3ds and .md3 file exporters for a project I’m working on. They’re linked off of the blender site, but the place that’s supposed to have them ( seems to be down. Would anyone be willing to email them to me? email address is kea2f (at) Please respond quickly if you can send them to me, this is for a school project with a very tight deadline. Thanks.


3ds, md2, md3 (one note from that site but a user that made animation export possible in md3. I tested and works well with single piece md3 models (ie: similar to md2))

md2 worked for me in export and import of full animated thing :slight_smile:

haven’t tested 3ds, but i sent u the last one of some days ago, I think.I keep things up to date.

OBJ, sent u the latest JMS one, and the latest ideasman one.

4 hours…I suppose ur in time…

md3 import, I forgot. sent.