file extensions that can be loaded

If I create an image in xaralx, can that image be loaded in Blender? If so, how?

xaralx can export from .xar files to several formats such as jpg, png, svg, bmp, etc.

Image files can only be “loaded” as either :

  • background images/texture in the viewport

  • used as a texture / image map

  • used for U.V. mapping

  • loaded into the sequence editor or Composiste node editor to be used
    to comosite with the scene

What specifically are you trying to do?


Mike: Thanks. That makes sense. I just installed blender, and wondered if a 2D image could be loaded, and then converted to a 3D image/object.

If I can spend time with this, I’d like to make a 3D logo for our small nonprofit organization, and export it as an svg image to use for lots of stuff, like book cover, web site, brochures, letterhead, etc.

Can’t really be converted, but as I said you can uvMap an image to a mesh, then animate / deform the mesh.

  • split your main window into two (rmb on the border (split area)

  • change one window to a UV/IMage editor

  • create or select the default cube

  • TAB to object mode

  • press Alt-Z to change to Textured draw type (or choose that from the draw types popup in the 3d header)

  • press F to change to Face Select Mode (or choose from the 3d header Object/Edit / Face Select …) (by default the face “facing” you is selected ), you should see a “dotted” outline in the UV/Image editor

  • In the UV/Image editor select an image using it’s Open menu

Your image should appear on your mesh.

  • You can press U (Face/Unwrape UV’s) to change the mapping type if desired

  • You can also RMB/select grab/move the UV image “outline” and move it around to alter the UV mapping.

Press “F” to go back to Object mode.

You can then animate the mesh by transforming it (press g(rab) move or use the Object/Transform menu. Insert keyframes either by pressing “I” or choosing insert keyframe from the Object/Insert keyframe item.

Here’s an example file :


Mike: Amazing stuff. I’ll give it a go, and let you know how many steps I get through. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for responding.