file formats

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First please allow me to explain what im attempting:

Im using Blender to create “Static Meshes” for use in the Unreal Tournament 2003 Editor. I would like to use Blender to map my textures to my mesh objects.

The output file format from Blender must contain UV coordinates.

FYI: Unreal Editor imports brushes in the following file formats:

  1. .T3D (Native UnED Brush file format which contains UV)
  2. .DXF (as far as i know, dxf lacks UV)
  3. .ASC (ASCII?)
  4. .ASE (UV, i think)

What file formats can Blender save to, or be exported as, to contain UV coordinates?

(theeth) #2

The only builtins export of Blender are DXF, VRML 1.0 and Videoscape (an ascii format).

However, there are several scripts that can export to several other format. I suggest you have a look at Scorpius import/export suite, it might be useful

PS: If the T3D file specs are known, I could probably try to right an exporter that would export directly to that.

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You should probably use the OBJIO script though, since it preserves UV coordinate for the OBJ format, unlike Scorpius’ script.


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Thank you for replying.

Interestingly enough, and through some trial and error I receive an error message in UnED following the import of my custom mesh in DXF. It states that it has “NULL” texture information.

This leads me to another question, and one I might post in this forum index if I dont receive a response. Here it goes:

All the documentation I have found on creating, and textureing Static Meshes for UT2003 are geared for use with 3DSM. I do not have 3DSM, and WILL NOT spend the cash on it. An interesting point mentioned in all of these tutorials was that of texture "ID"s. Is this concept of ID’ing surfaces/textures relevant to Blender? They further describe this ‘data’ of ID’s being what appears as a separate file? No? Yes?

Perhaps my question(s) would be better answered in the direction of a good, if not the best UV document in Blender format. FYI - I can assign textures to surfaces in Blender, save as DXF, but when I reopen the file there are no texures on my objects. Hmmm…perhaps this is what the NULL texture message is.

ALSO - hehe - what is wrecked about the Blender DXF format!? The situation is that Unreal ED will NOT accept a DXF file saved directly from Blender. I have been using Amapi3D to open, and resave the DXF. Then, and only then does UnED recognize the file. Whats that about? And will I loose my UV information (if it exists) by resaving the DXF outside of Blender like I am?

Yikes - Thanks - : )