file import question


I am trying to import an *.asc format model into Blender. It doesnt seem to be a supported format for import so I have been looking for a free converter to get it into a supported format.
So far I havent found a good converter to enable me to get it into Blender
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


AFAIK, Blender does not have an ASC format importer.

BRL-CAD is capable of saving its data in the following formats, all of which Blender can import:

VRML 1.0
Wavefront OBJ

The first two are preferred.

Hope this helps.

may I asked what CG program you are useing that has .asc format?


Sorry cant really answer that one, it was a file that someone sent me. They model in Max, so could have been saved from Max if I was guessing.