file management

In the 2.4 series of blender I could create a file from scratch, hit “save as” then in the line where it asks where to save the file, I could delete the folder from the last save and type in the name of the new folder I wanted to put it in. when i clicked away from it, it would ask if I wanted to create the folder, I would say yes, and just hit save. This would save the file in the folder I wanted it to be in. In the 2.5 series, I have to open my file manager create the folder then go back into the blender program and hit save as and browse to the folder to save the file in. To top this off, blender doesn’t actually read the folder structure when you hit “save as” if you are were in the folder you want to put the sub-folder in. You must climb one directory up and then back down into the folder to see the new folder you just created. Is there a way to put this functionality back?

Not sure what you mean. Why not use the ‘Create New Directory’ icon in the blender file browser header when you want to save your blend ?

Should be in 2.5 since revision 32889:

Bringing back missing feature: Create new directory by typing a not existing name into the directory button.

or just hit “i” to create a new folder … has been working like this for a long time. and also there is a “refresh filelist” button in the file browser.

Is there some way to rename folder inside Blender if I miss-click after folder creation?

ctrl+click on the folder

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: