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Why is there no project management in blender? has there been and got removed or … ? that something I miss in blender. of course there’s a big PRO to be able to make your own structure, but also that’s a big CON when working in a group or sharing your sourcefiles and there’s a mess.

I guess blender doesn’t have it because a .blend file in itself could be consider as the project folder. with scenes baked in, and images also. but then you get to the dilemma of embedding source images files etc that you dont want to use as textures etc … but want to deliver with the .blend

I don’t know, anyone else missing the “create project” feature.

A solution could be to be able to browse in the .blend for folders such as textures, images, reference images, render folder etc etc.

Just create your self a ‘template’ files structure,
or use one of the open movies/games to make one. :slight_smile:

Although I wouldn’t mind having a ‘Project Manager’,
the previously mentioned solution isn’t really a bad one either.

mmmm :slight_smile: creating template manually seems tedious and contra-productive. since it’s not universally the same. from a coding background im kinda used to the src/bin/build folder structure.

but the last option could be really good … well not prio1 anyway :smiley: and I guess I could start looking into it myself.

Having a project management feature for .blend files would be the best thing, i hate when programs create a folder structure, i rarely use it and often find it a pain to work with.

It’d be much better if you could have an overview of what is in the blend file(s) from inside blender and have the option to remove items and upon saving (and of course re-opening) it’ll remove those objects/ datablocks completley from the scene.

i’ve read the .blend file is a bit of a mystery … but a browsable .blend would be nice.

Project management and some sort of builtin version control would be awesome. Granted it’s really not that hard to just do it yourself