how do you know where python in blender is looking to get a file and why if I explicitly refer to a path eg C:\aaa.txt using File.Open or Image.Load etc would it still not find it?

Yes… Im learning python. I’ve been an application developer for 10 years (professionally - about 20+ as a hobby : ) ) so im just trying to tranfer skills…



i think if i get what you are after… if you want to put in an absolute directory you need to make a directory wiht a path like this:

mypath = “c:\blender emp emptemp”

get called a this:
mypath = “c:\blender\ emp\ emptemp”

this is because the ‘’ character is a special character.

a good python reference i have found is found here ->

cheers mate :slight_smile:

or use :

mypath = "c:/blender/temp/temptemp"

Even on Windows that will work :slight_smile: