file or scene?

is it really advisable to use different Blender scenes in one file?
Why? What´s the advantage?

For example: I have a scene (not Blenderscene) wich consists of different locations. One etire song, but the character will switch/jump into different locations.
I thought of building a file for each location and cut them together in post.
Am I wrong? Or what are those Blender Scenes for?

Thank you in advance

oh… I think Blender scenes are camparable with Layer in Max. Right?

Layers and scenes are different and have their own uses.

I use scenes to “house” complex models. Say I have a spaceship or a character made up of 20-30 meshes. What I do is place it in it’s own scene and add all those meshes to a group like “myGuy”. Then I create another scene just for animating which houses the camera, lights and set or props. I may place props on one layer in this scene and camera in another. Then to include “myGuy” in my scene I create an Empty and use the dupligroup feature to deploy the mesh in to the final scene for rendering. This allows me to easily animate the complex object as a single object. Also, I can pop back to that “housing” scene and sub animate my character or mesh and that will be relayed into the master scene without creating specific keyframes in the master scene.

Thanks Atom for your reply. I hope I got it :slight_smile:
We will see haha
Kind regards