file output exr crash

Hello guys. I have a quite annoying problem which happens since 2.63 and go on in 2.64. I think before it was not happening.

I use the compositor to export different passes with the file output node. When as output I use openEXR format (doesn’t matter if is with one or all layers) blender will render one image and crash at the moment of writing the files.

Using other formats with the same project work just fine…

This is actually quite annoying, since I need to work with 16bit files quite often.

I tried this on more machines and it happen the same.

Looks like a bug to me. Anyone have the same issue?

I have no crash with 2.63.0, 2.63.18 and 2.63.22

Have a look in the console while rendering, maybe it will print some useful error message.

Ububtu 12.04 64 bit

but why do you use a file output node for each layer? From 2.63 there is the possibility to outputs directly in the same file output node. Just hit n to get the properties panel in the compositor and with the output node selected set it up.

If you can try with this method we can check better. This eveing I will check the console.

Anyway what is strange is that I get the same stuff at home and at work. I will test it also on my laptop…

Duplicating your quoted workflow:-

The outcome is the same. Blender doesn’t crash and the images are saved.

yes this a work around to the problem. But I can assure you that your way is much longer than the other way. You need to choose the path n times, where n is the number of layers you want to export.

Did you try with the other method anyway?

Yes. As I said, the outcome is the same; no crash, output files are saved.