File Output = Jaggy renders, Composite = perfects renders :(

Hello BH!!.
Right now I’m rendering using the Compositor, as a precompositor step, and after a few renders I found something that I don’t undertsand… files outputted from de File Output node were horrible, they look like as low antialiasing render, and files from the Composite node were perfect, I don’t know why… it’s like “antilasiasing” options are only available for the Composite node instead of all nodes.
Someone know what am I doing wrong?.
Help please.

Was it an alpha image? Perhaps you are seeing a premultiplied edge. They are often filled with big blocky squares around the keyed edge.

You’re likely only plugging passes into the file output. Individual passes with the exceptoin of the “combined” and the “color” passes (those containing an integral alpha channel…these are the only 2) will render as a single unsampled pass when put through the composite node.

The same holds true for painting on images and sequences, only those with alpha channels. sorry but this is just the way it is.

Also, any passes contained within a multi layer EXR file will be saved without alising within the pass channel itself other than the aforementioned. They composite via the composite node with full aliasing just fine but the pass channel itself is saved without aliasing.