File Output name based in Output

This is my case: I want to render an animation. For this rendering, I want different outputs. Overtime I do a different (test) render, I save it automatically: that is why I change the file name in the Output tab in the main Properties (render) panel. HOWEVER, the filename in the various File Output nodes is not changes and it overwrites the previous images.
Any solution in sight? (i would like the File Output name to be based in the Output name, that would solve it)

Set the “File Subpath” in the properties panel (select the node, press n)

This works but, if I want to avoid overwrite every time I want to make a new render, it forces me to change this property every time.
I was searching for a more automatic solution.

Maybe by using a driver to get the “render.filepath” into “nodes[“File Output.003”].active_input_index”? (except I can’t get this idea to work)