File Output node

Hello all, I’ve had a problem with the FIle Output node for some time now but I’ve dealt with it…until today.

According to the documentation, the correct usage for the FO node is…

by default the output path is composed of: {base path}/{file name}{frame number}.{extension} .

yet every time I set the path and file name I end up with a new sub-folder with the file name and inside that new sub-folder is ImageXXXX.png.

Just to be clear, I enter (for example) /home/me/project/0001/myfabulousrender.png. When I render the scene I always get /home/me/project/0001/myfabulousrender.png/Image0001.png.

It’s worked like that for me since at least 2.7whatever. Any ideas?

Wow…nothing? :thinking:

Read the docs more closely: what you enter in the dialog box is only the {base path} component, not the rest of it.

Well, thanks. After a non-trivial search I discovered (in a Youtube video from 2.6x times!) there is info to be loaded in the node output settings in the properties panel as well as that basepath baloney, something (in my defense) totally unclear in the docs. In fact, offhand I can’t think of any other node that requires extra fiddling like that; every setting in a node is in the node itself. In this case, it resembles a node group with inputs and outputs.

Whatever. Color me solved.