File Path Problems, Beginner Pink Materials

Hi all,

Beginner here. I’ve been following Rob Tuytel’s Environment course. File - external data - find missing files and file - external data - report missing files are both totally unresponsive for some texture maps I’'m using a shader. I am running them both and watching the command line / info. There is no progress bar anywhere to indicate if anything is going on.

My two cents, image texture nodes with file paths which aren’t being found should surely be highlighted in absolute emergency colours and flashing wildly?! Rather than just sitting in a dumb fashion in the node tree like everything is fine? I can go into Image Editor and cycle through all referenced images too, and everything is appearing, which adds to the frustration. Yet, still I’m cursed by a pink sphere.

I was in adoration of Blender… this is quite the setback now. 2.82a. Seems like material management is a nightmare (although the creation is a thing of beauty, I agree).

As Ned Flanders senior once said: “We tried nothin’, and we’re all outta ideas”

  1. How can I update the thumbnails of the material (the preview is correct, thumbnail isn’t)
  2. Good practice for organise materials, from the start of a project. Relative vs absolute etc