File paths

Hi there. I’ve just started using Blender on Mac OSX. I’m finding the tutorial a lot of fun and Blender is behaving really well on my machine. Unfortunately, I can not fathom the workings of how to save. I,ve lost all my sessions each and every time I,ve switched off my machine but that damn monkey head pops up every time. I,ve tried to name my tutorial-man but I never named the monkey. Still it keeps coming back. Has anyone got an illustrated jpeg showing how to save and retrieve files? Other than that, instructions written for a five year old. ( I might understand that ) Thanks all.

I don’t know what kind of problem you could be having, the File/Save / Save As menu is pretty straightforward.

If you’re using “Save Default settings” instead of Save/Save as, that will save the current state of Blender, and will show up whenever you start the program or do a File New.


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