File preview not working in 2.82a

Is anyone else running into this problem ? When I go to Thumbnails view in the file browser I just get generic icons, no previews of .blend files or JPEGs or PNGs, they flicker a little as if its trying to display previews but thats about it, no previews.

I’m on a Mac, Mid 2010 running High Sierra, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 with 6 gigs.

This is a new problem, this did not happen with 2.81

It may be Mac-only. On Windows 10, all is fine.

Hmmm, it was working fine with the previous version.

AHA! its working in 2.83a so I’ll just use that.

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Did you mean 2.82a? :slight_smile:

2.83a I believe. I got it from the “Experimental” section it says 2.83Alpha. Seems to work just fine for what I do. :smiley:

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