File Read/write 2.48

I just downloaded Blender 2.48 and tried running my project in it and it didn’t like my open(‘file’,‘r+w’) command, specificly the ‘r+w’ part. It likes ‘r’ and ‘w’, but not both. Blender doesn’t seem to want to give me suggestions to what the new switch for that might be so I was wondering if anyone else knew?

Research for something different showed me that there isn’t a switch for read and write access in 2.48, open(file) does the same thing.

That’s odd. Python file handling is handled by the python file handler (lovely sentance), not Blender’s. It’s odd that it would change behavior with Blender. Have you tried ‘rw’ in place of ‘r+w’?

That I haven’t. I’ll be sure to check it out, cheers! Turns out upgrading version is no easy task… SDL.dll keeps throwing errors about not being able to throw errors =) Good thing its a quiet week at work.

use “r+” tenchars