File Recovery from an OS long past...

(Ongnissim) #1

Hello… I have sad news…

The robot in my Avatar is gone. When I switched to Linux, I thought I had saved him on my flash drive, when in fact I did not… :-?

Anyways, I have used different Software for windows to recover files (or at least parts of them) after deletion. I know that files cannot really be deleted, so I am hoping someone here can help me recover him…

If you know of any good free software that runs on Linux that I can use to retrieve deleted Windows FAT32 (I think thats what it’s called…) partition/files, please tell me…

After repartitioning my system, can I retrieve the lost .blend file, or is this just hopeful thinking?

Hold on Tight,

(krizu) #2

As I know after partitioning and formatting it´s all lost - except you have a friend at the fbi computer lab or want to spent money for some firm specialized in data rescue. But for that money you can get a new comp I think … sorry.

the only chance would be, if you´d have your fat32 partitition left, but why would you with a linux only system?!

So, at least you have a reason to model something even better now!