File Size Query

(Atmospheric) #1

Just recently I told one of my friends that I am a blender user and he wanted me to create an animated title for his website but the only problem is that I can’t figure out how to keep the file size size low (because most people don’t want to wait around to let it load). Does anyone know how to keep the file size low on about a five second animation with text(“NeeHa”) and a particle system setup to look like an explosion? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #2

This is just my opinion, but this is why things like Flash and animated GIF’s are around. What I would do is take a few of the images generated from the rendering, and convert them to an animated GIF. Not nearly as smooth or pretty, but it will be much more friendly to web users.

(3dWebGoofy) #3

Sorry, but an animation on a homepage as a starter…No Way!

But you could use JavaScript to download it AFTER every other content is loaded. So if the page is interesting enough and the surfer stays long enough anyway, he will see it.
But this will waste Megabytes of traffic anyway.