file size?

(ndnchief) #1

How can I find the file size of individual objects in a blend file. I can not seem to find the way. Once again I need enlightenment from the experts.
If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks…


(ndnchief) #2

Still looking for the answer, how to find file size of individual objects in a scene?
Thanks, The NDN…

(Idgas) #3

i have no idea, but you could always open a new file append what you want and then look at the file size. ?? Not sure if thats what you want. I am still pretty new to Blender but i thought I’d offer MHO.

(Ben) #4
  • In the upper right side appears the blend file size.If you open a new Blender session it shows the file size with no objects.Then append your objects from your file one by one and note the memory change.