File sizes

How large should a .blend file be if it’s comprised of a large number of shiny metal rods such as a simple rolling rack with wire shelves similar to what you’d find in a grocery store displaying bread? I modeled it in another program and imported it into Blender. This simple object is 1.8 megs.

I haven’t yet found a way to reduce file sizes yet. Is there such a way to do it? Bear in mind that every one of those wire rods is still comprised of triangles and not quads. I’m not editing them so if it’s possible I’d rather not take the time to convert the tens of thousands of rods that my project will have in it.

Is the file size a problem ?
In blender 2.49 ensure you have File / Compress File selected to minimise file size.
If you want quads you can use Alt+J in edit mode.
Remove or reduce the size of any images.
You can use the array modifierto make repeated structures with less objects.
Check the outliner, are there any other objects in your file.
Remove any double vertices
If you’ve made the rod higher resolution than you need then you should have thought about this when you originally made them.

I don’t know yet if file size is a problem. I’d rather not have to think about it if possible i.e. keep it all small to start with.

I figured out how to rid the wires of the triangles. I made them all one object and it did it for me.

As for the higher resolution, I have no idea what you mean by that but I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Probably directly related to the amount of geometry in the scene I’d imagine.

There’s also the fancy ‘compress blend file’ option that does exactly what it claims.

Where would I find that compress blend file option? Is that in the user preferences under save & load?

I didn’t get an answer on how to compress the file size. I have another .blend that isn’t working the way I need it to but it’s nearly 6MB

Any textures? Images can bloat the file size pretty quickly.

Yup, in the User Preferences under Save & Load there is an option to compress files. Since it compresses and decompresses every time you save and load it does put a small penalty on performance during these operations.

Meh, that doesn’t help. I already had that setting in the user preferences checked and it’s still 6 MB

It’s something you’ll have to live with, if it’s a fairly high amount of polygons and/ or data, for example textures or animation then it’ll be a few MB’s.

If you are sending these files over a limited email account, such as Hotmail then try placing them in a ZIP file, or if you have little storage space, compress them when saving and then put them in a compressed folder, although you’ll probably not see the file go much below the current size.

EDIT: I have a file which contains about 30 million polygons or so, no textures, or animation, just pure mesh data and the file size is something like 500-600MB, when compressed it’s about 300-400MB but it takes about 5 minutes to uncompress and load, or compress and save.

Mostly my complaint was not being able to upload the .blend file on this site to get some help figuring out what I did wrong.

Eventually I’m going to have a full model of a building that’s roughly 100,000 square feet and well over a thousand lights. So if your 30 million polygon model is that large I can expect roughly the same thing. That’s good to know. I need a better computer

Well there is a multi-resoltion modifier on each object in the scene, so that’s probably why it’s so big.

If you plan on doing large scale graphics of any kind you’ll need to get use to large files though.

You can use an external upload site, such as megaupload, or one of the million or so alternatives, that are free to use, then just post a link in your thread. I’d really only use the image upload capabilities of as for anything else the file sizes are far too small.

check some console games like Gears of War or Mirrors Edge
these games running on a 512 megs RAM machine in realtime

I always wonder why the Blender users wants trillions of polys…

Because we can!

Seriously though, I’m working on getting another guy to help me redo some of the models and change all the fillets to chamfers and rods into either hexagonal or square shapes. The problem still lies in the 1,200 lights. What a mess that’s going to be.

~puts on Betty Crocker hat~ It’s baking time!